Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dreaming and what it means ...

It is my experience that God often speaks to us through our dreams, just as he did to those we read about in the Bible. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and He desires to communicate with us. I know that the one time I'm not able to argue with God and make excuses is when I'm asleep. I'm available to Him for Him to show me His desires and purposes for my life and so that He can lead me into a deeper understanding of who He is.

It seems that with school, work and studying lately I have been to reach for several people that want to pray about and discuss their dreams. I was led to create a blog so that you could send me your dreams and I could share with you what I believe God is trying to say. Ultimately, it is the person who receives the dream that determines the significance and meaning of it. However, with a little study and revelation from God I have found that God shares His heart with us and I want to help lead you through that journey into a new relationship with Him.

In order to have time to pray over your dream and allow God to share the dream's meaning and interpretation with me, please post your dream on one of the blogs or email it to me. Remember to list as many details as possible and that color, how you felt at different times in the dream, the people, numbers, names, etc. are significant in determining what it is that God is saying. It is also very important to keep in mind that death in a dream most often doesn't mean physical death. Don't be afraid to know what it is that God is saying. The dreams are to encourage and give information about what is ahead and to show you that God is ultimately in control and going ahead of you to prepare the way.

Remember to test all things and wait for His confirmation. Be prayerful and consistently seek His guidance and wisdom.

There are actually two blog addresses to use because people had two different preferences ... or

Again, you may also email me your dreams and I'll respond ASAP.

May the voice of God become clearer and the peace of God fill your life.

In His love and Spirit,